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Friday, 15 March 2019

[SUPER] God loves us first ( ͡• ͜ʖ ͡• )

God loves us first
1-3. Why is Jesus ' death different from other people?

God loves us first

On a spring day almost two thousand years ago, an innocent man was convicted and tortured to death. He is not the first person in history who has been guilty of grievances and was executed cruelly. Unfortunately, it is not the last one. However, his death is a far cry from the death of others.

2 In the few hours that the man was struggling before his death, the sky had an unusual thing, indicating that his death was indeed significant. Although it was noon, the darkness suddenly shrouded the earth. A historian said that there was "no sunshine" at the time. (Luke 23:44, 45) Before he died, the man said something unforgettable: "It's done!" He gave up his life and made a great event. His sacrifice is the greatest expression of human love in history. (John 15:13; 19:30)

3 This person is Jesus Christ. The pain and death that Jesus experienced were well known in the days of the gloom of the Jewish calendar on the 14th of AD. Although Jesus grieves his heart, people often overlook one thing—the other has to endure greater pain. In fact, he even made even greater sacrifices that day. This sacrifice is the greatest expression of love in the universe. What did he sacrifice? The answer to the question leads to an important subject: the love of the Lord.

 Love is the greatest performance
4. How does a Roman officer know that Jesus is not an ordinary person? He sees who Jesus is?

4 Supervising the execution of Jesus is a Roman centurion. The officer saw Jesus dark before the death of the earth and a great earthquake after his death. He was greatly surprised and said, "This is really the Son of God." (Matthew 27:54) Obviously, Jesus is not an ordinary person. This officer was ordered to execute the only child of the Highest God! How precious is this son in the eyes of his father?

5. What examples can we use to illustrate how long is the time for the Lord and his beloved to live together in heaven?

God loves us first

5 The Bible calls Jesus the “firstborn child” in all things. (Colossians 1:15) Imagine that the universe has not yet been created, and this son already exists. So how long has the Father spent with him? Some scientists estimate that the universe is 13 billion years old. Can you imagine how long this time is? To help people understand the length of time, a planetarium has made a cosmic chronology, 110 meters long. The visitors went along this chronology, and each step took over 75 million years on behalf of the universe. The end of the chronology has a mark that marks the history of mankind. This mark is only as slender as a human hair! However, even if this estimate is correct, the whole time of the chronology is still not enough to represent how long the Jehovah 's son has existed! What did he do during these billion of years?

6. (a) What kind of work did the Lord's son commit to before he was born into a man? (b) How deep is the feeling of Jehovah and his beloved son?

6 This son is happy to serve the Father and be his “good craftsman”. (Proverbs 8:30) The Bible says: “There is no one who does not rely on [this son].” (John 1:3) Therefore, the Lord and the Son of Love work together to create all things. They have had a happy time together! Many people agree that the love of parents and children is very strong. Love "can maintain unity perfectly." (Colossians 3:14) So, who can understand how strong this relationship has been for hundreds of millions of fathers and sons? There is no doubt that the feelings of the Lord God and the Son of Love are the deepest and strongest in the universe.

7. When Jesus was baptized, how did the Lord reveal the feelings of loving his son?
God loves us first

 7 Even so, the Father sent the Son of Love to the earth and gave birth to a baby. This means that Jehovah must be separated from his son for decades, and he cannot be intimate with him in heaven. The Lord is watching from the sky, the perfect Jesus grows up. Jesus was baptized about thirty years old. We don't have to speculate about Jehovah's feelings for Jesus, because the Lord personally proclaimed from heaven: "This is my son, what I love, what I accept." (Matthew 3:17) Jesus faithfully realized The prophecy of the Bible, done everything the father told him. Heavenly Father is witnessing all this and is deeply gratified! (John 5:36; 17:4)

8,9. (a) What was the experience of Jesus on the 14th of the Jewish calendar in the year of AD? How much pain does his experience endure the Father? (b) Why did the Lord let the Son of love suffer and die?

8 Then, what is the feeling of Jehovah on the 14th day of the Jewish calendar in the year 33 AD? That night, he witnessed Jesus being betrayed, arrested by the masses, subjected to unfair trials, ridiculed and humiliated, and friends who gave him away. The Lord saw the man spit on the face of his beloved son, slapped him, whipped him, and beat his back to the skin, what was the feeling inside? Jesus ' hands and feet were nailed to the pillars, and then hung up and insulted. The Father heard that the Son of Love cried out to him in pain. What was the feeling? Since the creation of the world, Jesus has always existed. Now he is so mad that he has disappeared in the universe! What does the Lord have to feel? (Matthew 26:14-16, 46, 47, 56, 59, 67; 27: 38-44, 46; John 19:1)

 God "gives his only begotten Son"
9 The pain of the Lord is unspeakable by brush and ink. Because the Lord is rich in feelings, the pain brought by the death of the Son of Love is hard to say. The only thing that can be expressed in words is that there is only the reason why the Lord made this happen. Why is Heavenly Father willing to endure such great pain? The Lord revealed to us in John 3:16 that he has done a good thing for mankind. This verse is of great significance and is called the epitome of the four Gospels. The scripture says: "God loves the world deeply, and even gives his only begotten Son, so that anyone who believes in him will not perish, but will have eternal life." Thus, based on love, the Lord is willing to endure the pain of losing his child. The Lord has given His Son to suffer and give His life for us. It is indeed the greatest expression of love.

 Clarify the love of the Lord
10. What do humans need? Why is it so difficult to understand the meaning of the word love?

What does the word " love " mean? Some people describe love as the most ardent need of mankind. From the fall of the earth to the end of life, people are constantly craving for love. Warm love makes people lively and high-spirited; once there is no love, people will be euphemistic, even screaming. But it is very strange to explain what is love is not easy. People often hang their love on their lips, and there are countless books, songs, and poems about love. Just for what is love, people are still not very good. In fact, because the word love is abused, the true meaning of love is becoming more and more difficult to express.

11,12. (a) Where can we deepen our understanding of love? Why ? (b) What kind of love is divided into ancient Greek? Which of the most common Greek words translated as "love" in the Greek Scriptures? (See footnote ) (c) What does Agga mean?

11 However, the Bible unambiguously states what love is. Vain's Dictionary of New Testament Words says: "People can only see love from the actions triggered by love." What the Lord has done is recorded in the Bible. These records help us to understand his love deeply. His love for the beings of all beings. The above talks about the greatest love of the Lord, and what better can it express the love of the Lord? In the next few chapters, we will read more examples of how Jehovah turns love into action. In addition, searching the words of the original translation of the Bible as "love" also helps us understand the meaning of love. In ancient Greek, there are four words used to express different loves. * Of the four words, the most common thing in the Greek Scriptures is the "Agga". A biblical dictionary says that Agger is "the most powerful word for love." Why?

12 Agger is a love of principle. Therefore, this kind of love is not only an emotion caused by other people's words and deeds. Agger covers a wider range and is well thought out. Most importantly, the love of Agger is completely selfless. Let us look again at John 3:16. The scripture says that God loves the world so much, so he gives his only begotten Son. Who is the "world" here? It refers to human beings who can be redeemed, including many who are floating in the sea of sin. Does the Lord love everyone in the world like Abraham who loves his loyal friend? (James 2:23) No. But Jehovah is kind to everyone, and he does not hesitate to pay a great price for it. He hopes that everyone will repent and change the former. (2 Peter 3:9) Many people have indeed rehabilitated themselves. The Lord is willing to regard these people as friends.

13,14. How do we know that Agger often contains affectionate feelings?

13 However, some people's views on Agger's love are not correct. They thought that Agger was a cold, purely sensible love. In fact, Agger often contains a warm feeling. For example, John said: “Father loves a son.” He used a derivative of Agger here. Is the father 's love for his son cold and unwarranted? Please pay attention to Jesus saying: "The father has a deep affection for his son." Here Jesus used a derivative of Phileo. (John 3:35; 5:20) The love of the Lord often contains warm feelings, but there is no emotional use. His love is always guided by the principles of wisdom and justice.
14 As stated earlier in this book, all the qualities of Jehovah are at the peak, impeccable, and admirable, but the most appealing thing is his love. Nothing is more attractive than Jehovah's love to attract people. Fortunately, love is the most remarkable characteristic of Jehovah. How do we know that?

"God is love"
15. The Bible says a meaningful word about the love of the Lord. What is it? Why is this statement unique? (see footnote)

15 The Bible's use of the wording of love has never been used to discuss the main qualities of Jehovah. The Bible does not say that God is power, nor does it say that God is just and that God is not wisdom. God certainly has these qualities and is the source of these qualities. However, when the Bible talks about the nature of God's love, it says a meaningful word: "God is love." * (1 John 4:8) What does this sentence mean?

16-18. (a) Why does the Bible say "God is love"? ( B ) Who is the proper symbol of Jehovah 's love in the creation of all beings on earth?

16 The phrase “God is love” is not a simple formula, as if “God is equal to love”. We can't turn this sentence upside down and say: "Love is God." Jehovah is not an abstract trait, but a master of thought and affection. In addition to love, he also has a variety of emotions and qualities. However, the Lord has deep affection and love. Therefore, a reference book explains John 4:8, saying: “The essence or nature of God is love.” Generally speaking, we can say this: The Lord has power so he can do everything; he is just and wise, so he knows the truth, But everything he did was out of love. When he shows other qualities, he always has love.

17 Since the Lord is often called the incarnation of love, then we want to know Agger's love based on principle, and we must know the Lord. Of course, there are many people who have this virtue. But why do people have this trait? When the Lord created man, he said, "We must make people according to our image and in our style." (Genesis 1:26) At that time, the Lord apparently spoke to his only begotten Son. Among the sentient beings created on the earth, only one can choose to act by love, thus following the Father. You still remember that the Lord used several creatures to symbolize his main qualities. As for his primary traits of love, he used the highest creature on earth, the human being, as a symbol. (Ezekiel 1:10)

18 We selflessly love others in accordance with the principles, and we can embody the qualities of Jehovah. As the apostle, John said, “We love because God loves us first.” (1 John 4:19) But how does the Lord love us first?

 Jehovah takes the initiative to love people
19. Why do we say that love plays a major role in the process of Jehovah 's creation of all things?

19 Love is already in existence since ancient times. What is it that urges the Lord to set out to create everything? The Lord is completely self-sufficient and has nothing to lose. He does not need anything other creatures to give him anything, so he set out to create everything not because of loneliness, but because of his love, and because he is full of love. Jehovah's love is active, pushing him to create many intellectual creatures, and let them enjoy the joy of life. These creatures will be grateful to him for his precious gift of life. "The first to be created by God" is his only child. (Revelation 3:14) Then God appointed this good craftsman to create all other things, first of all, angels. (Job 38:4,7; Colossians 1:16) God gives freedom, intelligence, and affection to these powerful spirits so that they can love one another. The most important thing is that they can love the Lord and love for him. (2 Corinthians 3:17) Therefore, they love because God loves them first.

God loves us first

20,21. What did Adam and Eve see in the evidence that the Lord loved them deeply? What are they doing?

20 The same is true for humans. From the time of creation, Adam and Eve bathed in the love of God. In the hometown of Eden's paradise, they can see how deeply the Father loves them, no matter where they look. Please pay attention to what the Bible says: "The Lord God planted a garden in Eden in the east, and placed the people he made there." (Genesis 2:8) Have you been to a pleasant garden or park? What do you like most to see? Sunshine through the shadow of the mother - in - law? A colourful flower bed? Or is it like background music like flowing water, a bird singing, or a worm? Do you like the fragrance of trees, fruits and flowers? No matter how beautiful the scenery of today's parks, it can't compete with the Garden of Eden. Why?

21 For the Garden of Eden was established by the Lord himself! This garden must be beautiful and unspeakable. Every tree is pleasing to the eye, and every fruit is delicious. The garden is large in size and has plenty of water. It is full of lively and lovely animals. Everything that makes Adam and Eve happy and happy, such as a satisfying job, a perfect partner, has everything. The Lord loves them first, and they deserve to love God. It is a pity that they not only did not obey the Father but also betrayed him selfishly. (Genesis 2)

twenty-two. Adam and Eve betrayed God in the Garden of Eden, but how does the Lord show that he has loyal love?

22 Adam and Eve 's rebellion will inevitably make the Lord very sad! But has the Lord been resentful for this? Never! “His loyal love lasts forever.” (Psalm 136:1) Therefore, he immediately set his will and made arrangements for love, to redeem those who were kind and good in the descendants of Adam and Eve. As mentioned above, Heavenly Father paid a heavy price for this arrangement: sacrifice his beloved son as a human ransom. (1 John 4:10)

twenty-three. The Lord is " a happy God". What is the reason? What important questions will be answered in the next chapter?
 God loves us first

23 Yes, from the beginning the Lord took the initiative to love humanity first. There are countless examples that show that he also “loves us first”. Love can promote harmony and add joy. No wonder the Bible says that the Lord is "a happy God." ( 1 Timothy 1:11 ) But the question is: Does the Lord really love every one of us? The next chapter will answer this important question.