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Wednesday, 13 March 2019

[best] Definition of love ᕙ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕗ

Definition of love, Love is essentially an intense feeling. It is an emotion that can be brief or very lasting and is expressed in many ways and in different types of relationships.

Love has a mysterious and even inexplicable component. For this reason, thinkers, poets and artists have tried to express the different nuances of this feeling.

Definition of love

Love involves two elements or people that are related. At least one of them has a deep feeling towards the other. This emotional ingredient can be very varied: carnal, platonic, fraternal, passenger, spiritual and a long etcetera love. There is no specific model. In fact, it is possible to have two opposite feelings and at the same time: love and hate.

A limited vision of love is the affective bond between a man and a woman. It is simply one of its variants. In fact, it makes sense to talk about love without limiting it to humans. There are people who feel an intense passion for their profession, who have a deep spiritual affinity towards God or who sacrifice themselves to the limit for others. These attitudes are also a manifestation of love.

One of the unique aspects of love is its ambivalent component. There is a generous love that reveres the loved one, who is understanding and kind. On the contrary, it has a less kind face: obsession, jealousy or the attempted possession of the loved one. There are those who consider that these ingredients do not manifest true love. This polemic about the authenticity of the feeling of love is an example of the debate that it provokes.

What is undoubted is the qualitative element of love, because its intensity and depth make it a very different feeling to others (such as friendship or attraction).

As a universal theme, the human being does not stop wondering about its true meaning and scope. At the same time, it is an ideal of humanity, one of the values that, when present, extols the human condition.

Literature, cinema and art have offered a high and sublime image of this human feeling. For some, love is what drives us to act and, in some way, is the force that moves the world.